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Portable Appliance Testing is the Visual and Electrical test of electrical portable appliances. PAT testing must be carried out to comply with the following:

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 puts the duty of care upon both the employer and the employee to ensure the safety of all persons using the work place.

To become ISO 9002 acredited PAT testing must be carried out.

To satisfy insurers that reasonable care has been taken in the maintenence of your electrical equipment.

All of our testing is carried out with the customer in mind. Whilst the testing must be carried out, it can be done in a sympathetic manner to minimise disruption to staff and production. This can be acheived in several ways, the simplest however is to simply take your time testing and communicate with staff to arrange the best time to carry out the testing.

Testing includes

  1. Visual Inspection.
  2. Labeling.
  3. Electrical Test to IEE Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Equipment.
  4. Create or update clients test result database.
  5. Supply test results both printed and on backup CD, which show all appliances tested and test results.

During testing we will carry out any minor corrective work at the the point of test at no extra cost. This includes replacing damaged plugs, replacing incorrectly rated fuses and removing and rewiring damaged cable.

  1. On completion of testing all of our customers receive
  2. Report on Testing.
  3. Printout of test results.
  4. Supply of viewable database showing all appliances and test results.